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My MA thesis was the Winner ex aequo of the CES Award for Young Social Scientists from Portuguese-speaking Countries 2007. Biennial and International award for the best research monograph written by young researchers from any of the nine countries having Portuguese as their official language.


The resulting book - A Tinta, a Mariposa e a Metástase: a arte como experiência, conhecimento e acção sobre o cancro de mama [The Paint, the Mariposa and the Metastasis: art as experience, knowledge and intervention on breast cancer] – was published in Portuguese by Edições Afrontamento and CES [Centre for Social Studies].


The book presents a visceral and reflective analysis of twenty-four art projects shaped around the feminine experience of breast cancer. Exhibited on the Internet, these creations allow us to follow the multiple uses and meanings accumulated by the art objects between the initial motivations of their creators and the purpose behind their display on public and digital space. Contradicting the simplistic concept that defines art as a representation or reproduction of reality, I understand these objects and projects as a constitutive part of experience itself, immersed on the way these women live, understand and take action on cancer. It also redefines art as a form of knowledge and transformative practice, not only as a way to objectify and give personal meaning and form to inner experiences of disease, but also as an emancipative counter-hegemonic exercise of activism infused with global ambition.


The book also seeks to understand the continuities and antagonisms that exist between art, biomedical science and embodied knowledge, looking at their crossing points, hybrid configurations and conceptual conflicts while dealing with breast cancer. Between the unmaking and remaking of breasts, body and life, these female artists have shaped and activated hybrid and eclectic objects. While some projects can be interpreted as corrosive comments about the technological, pharmacological and relational insufficiencies of biomedical science, others are exercises of dialogue and interchange between the embodied, medical and artistic resources and understandings made possible by the experience and treatment of cancer.


Departing from an epistemological conception of art and a dialogical conception of social science, this investigation also carries the purpose of presenting itself as a product of conversation. Questioning and testing the possibility of a translation between embodied, artistic, anthropological and sociological understandings, it intends to redefine cancer as an external social construct against the notion of its spontaneous, corporal and internal reproduction.


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Carcino(génese) de um texto: prefácio de uma escrita in situ (11)


As p(artes) enredadas de um cancro:o contexto e o projecto (15)


State of the “cancer art”: o desenho dos textos e os subtextos da arte (25)


Tecido cicatrizado: as suturas entre a pele e a tela (33)


Matéria/objectiva: o corpo, a câmara e a revelação do negativo (57)


Pincéis e bisturis: cortes e misturas entre arte e biomedicina no espalhar da tinta (81)


Exposição corrosiva: o impacto entre pele e mundo (111)


Caterpillar Girls: estádio metastático (141)


AR(ma-)TE: tradução conclu(inclu)siva entre arte, ciência e doença (167)


Plataformas Digitais (181)


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For bibliographical reference:

Noronha, Susana de, 2009, A Tinta, a Mariposa e a Metástase: a arte como experiência, conhecimento e acção sobre o  cancro de mama, Porto, Edições Afrontamento & CES.


© Susana de Noronha & Edições Afrontamento, 2009.



My heartfelt thanks to the artists:


Susan Shatter & Denise Duhamel, Maureen Fain, Elsie Remponeau, Kristin Gudjonsdottir, Becca Smith, Connie Reider, Karin Stack, Nancy Bellen, Niki Berg, Francine Gagnon, Betsy Noorzay, Kit Morris, Sharon Seligman, Annabel Clark & Lynn Redgrave, Adriene Hughes, Lynne Lambert, Cynthia O’Dell, Heward Jue & Ken Mandelbaum, Violet Murakami, Imogene Franklin Hubbard, Margaret Stanton Murray, Hollis Sigler, Sarah Hutt, Stephanie Byram, Charlee Brodsky and Kirsti Ottem Langeland.


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